Do you want to learn Dutch or improve your Dutch?

You ’re welcome to join one of the courses of L.E.S. (Luijendijk Examinering & Scholing)
I would like to invite you to make an appointment to get acquainted and discuss the options.

Who is your teacher?

Lia Luijendijk is an experienced teacher. Her enthusiastic approach and appropriate methodology ensures, that she will raise the level of students in a short time.


This is what a former student says about her:

"Lia is a good instructor for expats in the Netherlands who want to learn Dutch. She adjusts her teaching style and tempo based on the needs of the audience. The class with her is mostly very interactive, a lot of exercises during the class to practice your Dutch. Overall I was happy with her teaching methods and the result." 

                                                                       Tugce Kokaya, (28) ABNAMRO Accountmanager

What are the options for individuals?

You can choose between joining a group (from 2 people and on) or private lessons. Besides face-to-face lessons, there is also the option for online-lessons.(e-learning)
By choosing for the E-cademie you will be digitally supported via Skype. No matter where you are, you will be able to contact your teacher in order to study the lessons, solve questions, check exercises. If you choose for this form of education there is an option for a short intensive course.

You can subscribe for:

-    Learning Dutch for beginners
-    Duch level upgrading (custom fit)
-    Preparation or training for Naturalization or State Exam                                   

-    Lunch-conversation

For more information or subscription:    Tel. +31 617678934         You 're welcome!